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Have you ever felt that your stained teeth are getting you down? The good news is that there are effective ways of getting rid of them. The stain on the teeth can be either of the following colors and can be present either superficially, deep inside the teeth or can be age related

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Macrosomia Fetus is a term used to describe a baby that grows bigger than usual inside the mother’s womb. Fetal macrosomia is the condition when the weight of the newborn is more than 4kg to 4½ kg or is higher than “90th percentile for a given gestational age

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Fixing lazy eye can be successful if started early in life. During childhood, the brain is still in the developing stage and treatment done for lazy eye during this period is well accepted by the brain.The probability of the success of treatment decreases as the individual ages. In adults who have attained full brain growth, the brain will resist the treatment if they are subjected to treatment during this stage.

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